What is WordPress SEO?

WordPress SEO is search engine optimization specific to WordPress.WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that runs most of the world’s blogs, websites, and shops. The article will cover some of the ways that you can increase the organic search rankings of your WordPress posts and pages.

I think the most important thing to cover is WordPress default settings. You should always change these before you start publishing on your website or blog. Take a look at the following.

General Settings

I think we should start with the general settings of WordPress. What you can do right out of the box to improve your SEO. Let’s take a look at the following sections.


Don’t overlook this! Make sure that discourage search engines from indexing this site is unchecked. This is the number one reason why you may not be appearing in search.


Another overlooked setting is the media section. Make sure you uncheck organize by month and year based folders. This is better for image SEO. It will make it more likely that your WordPress website is found through image search.


The last general setting you will want to change the default of is permalinks. You want to check the use post name option. This is much better for WordPress SEO than the default that uses the data based format.

The lesson here is not to trust WordPress defaults for search engine optimization. Fix these three options before your first blog post! It is a pain to change things after the fact.


I can’t give you a lot of advice on themes because it really varies by your purpose. Personally, I build my own themes to make sure they are optimized for my needs. Here is some basic advice.

Do your research

You’ll want to look up information about your theme before you start using it. You want something that is well coded, fast, and well maintained. There are a lot of articles out there that compare the most popular WordPress themes and they are well looking out for.


Plugins are how we customize our WordPress installation to do what we need. This may include adding forms, analytics, or caching our website. I don’t think that the number matters more than your needs. If you can, choose a theme that does most of what you want out of the box. Then add features gradually as needed for your business. To maintain speed and security you should delete unused plugins.

On-Page SEO

You will want to learn on-page search engine optimization techniques so that your posts and pages rank in organic search. Use a plugin like Yoast SEO if you need help.

Image SEO

Learn Image SEO to help your website or blog get found in image search. This is another viable method that people might find you. Adding alt text is also important for accessibility. I use optimole to keep my images as small as possible and keep my website speedy.

These 5 items cover the basics of WordPress SEO. I decided not to go in-depth on any of them because that would make for a very long article. This is meant more to inform yourself so that you can do deeper research on your own.

But I won’t leave you hanging. Yoast did an excellent job going into the details of WordPress SEO. I suggest you check out this article to optimize your website or blog.

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